2 Year Olds


Love, kindness, patience, curiosity, fun, and joy are distinguishing characteristics of our preschool’s programming. We make play a priority and use it as a means of exploration and learning to teach the standards of the heart as well as the NYS Learning Standards. 

Social, emotional, spiritual, academic, as well as fine and gross motor skills are addressed daily in our child-centered environment. Within our nurturing and loving atmosphere, we encourage independence and help each child earn success. 

We believe that learning is a home-to-school partnership and personal interaction with our families and caregivers helps to solidify this connection. While we work to prepare your children for the next steps in their education, our greatest objective is that they learn to love school and are excited about their academic future.

Some of our 2’s and 2/3  year old program components include:

  • Development of independent, critical thinking, problem solving, and self advocacy skills using cooperative activities, free play, and quiet book time.
  • Community awareness through engagement in story time, class prayer, tabletop activities, crafting, music class and group games.
  • Self awareness by learning to independently use the bathroom, effectively wash hands, and clean up the classroom. 
  • Gross motor development with gym and playground opportunities.
  • Fine motor development through the use of sensory and fine motor activities.